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  • Our experienced coaches will make you proficient in accounting and taxes.
  • Learn how to acquire customers both offline and online.
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AVGS Startup Coaching by – online and nationwide in Germany.

Do you want to become self-employed? The path from a business idea to a business model is challenging – at least without comprehensive know-how. What should be considered when starting a business? How do I develop a business plan or financial plan? How can I apply for the startup grant? What do I need to consider for accounting and taxes? We assist with these questions and more.

With a coach experienced in practical applications at your side, you'll learn how to establish a whole company based on an initial idea, what opportunities and risks are associated with your business idea, and how you can contribute to success the most with your potentials! Your company and residence location don't matter, as our coaching sessions are conducted online and are available throughout Germany.

11 Modules for your journey to Self-Employment

The startup coaching by covers essential content for your journey into self-employment. Our 11 modules are also approved as measures for activation and professional integration under the law of employment promotion, and therefore are 100% free for you with an activation and placement voucher from the Employment Agency or Job Center!

AVGS Startup Coaching: With the startup coaching by, all relevant modules of the 'Founder's Bible' are covered: Introduction to self-employment, the business plan, founders and founding team, the business idea, as well as the framework conditions of the founding process, social insurance and protection, accounting and taxes, marketing, financial and implementation planning, and support during the financing process.

AVGS Gründercoaching Berater

With this curriculum, you will step by step get closer to your future plans. The startup coaching can comprise up to 110 coaching units, depending on your needs and the decision of the Employment Agency or Job Center (1 CU = 45 minutes). The individual coaching units cover the following contents:

Module 1: Why Start a Business? Introduction

  • Goal Definition: Expectations for the Coaching
  • Structure and Process of Coaching
  • Discussion of the Business Idea
  • Success Factors in Business Startups
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Risks and Reasons for Failure
  • Purpose, Content, and Structure of a Business Plan

Module 2: The Business Plan

  • Clarification of the Term Business Plan
  • Functions of Business Plans
  • Occasions for Creating Business Plans
  • Structure of Business Plans

Module 3: Founders and Founding Team

  • Significance of the Founder/Founding Team
  • Requirements for the Entrepreneurial Personality
  • Professional Qualifications
  • Motivation for Starting a Business

Module 4: The Business Idea

  • Key Features and Benefits of the Business Idea
  • Differentiation from the Business Model and Business Plan
  • Types of Business Ideas
  • Idea Evaluation and Idea Protection

Module 5: Framework Conditions

  • Full-time or Part-time Self-Employment?
  • Trade or Freelance Activity?
  • Registrations and Approvals
  • Tax Aspects in the Startup Stage
  • Legal Form Selection and Consequences
  • Location Choice

Module 6: Social Insurance and Security

  • The Necessity of Insurance
  • Social Insurance (Health Insurance, Accident Insurance, Pension Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Unemployment Insurance)
  • Personal and Business Insurance

Module 7: Accounting and Taxes

  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Differentiation of Profit Determination Methods
  • Overview of Relevant Types of Taxes
  • Income Tax, Corporate Tax, Trade Tax
  • Value Added Tax
  • Mandatory Components of an Invoice

Module 8: Marketing

  • Marketing Analysis and the Use of Market, Competition, and SWOT Analysis
  • Determination of Marketing Objectives and Strategies
  • Definition of Marketing Tools to Be Used
  • Marketing Control

Module 9: Financial Planning

  • Concept of Simple Success and Financial Planning
  • Concept of Integrated Planning Calculation
  • Strategic and Operational Planning
  • Sales Planning
  • Pricing and Cost Calculation
  • Planning of Expenses (Materials, Personnel, Other Expenses)
  • Cash Flow
  • Capital Requirement Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Typical Planning Mistakes and Sources of Errors

Module 10: Implementation Planning

  • From Rough to Detailed Planning
  • Next Steps
  • Open Questions

Module 11: Support in the Financing Process

  • Challenges in Startup Financing
  • Exploring Possible Sources of Financing
  • Opportunities for Funding
  • Selection of Suitable Financing Partners
  • Preparing for Financing Discussions
Roul Radeke

Your Startup Success Coach is waiting for you

The consultation is non-binding & 100% free

Our Advantages: Holistic, flexible, and individual approach to your professional independence

AVGS Gründercoaching Ganzheitlich & Flexibel

You can reach your expert regardless of location via Microsoft Teams, Skype, or by phone if preferred.You might still be wondering why you should opt for the startup coaching at We make the decision easier for you! The following points speak in our favor:

Individual goal orientation at eye level. Why can we make this promise so easily? Because we put you at the center of our coaching! Online and nationwide in Germany.

With, you are the focus and at the same time, you have a well-coordinated, complementary team around you. You enjoy not only the full attention of your personal coach but also benefit from the expertise that your coach tailors precisely to you and your needs.

AVGS Gründercoaching Mittelpunkt

You are the focus

Self-employment requires careful planning. Together, we'll evaluate your business concept for strengths and weaknesses and develop individual strategies for its realization, and support you in applying for the startup grant.


We are a well-coordinated team is an AZAV-certified educational provider for offering business startup consulting according to § 45 paragraph 1 sentence 1 no. 4 SGB III, with a competent network of consultants from which you can freely choose your coach.

AVGS Kompetenz

We are knowledgeable

For many years, we have been working successfully and trustfully with the relevant authorities. This cooperation makes certain work and coordination steps easier for us. For you, it brings the security you need because it's about your professional future.

AVGS Coach

Our coach is your coach

Once you have chosen a coach, they will be by your side during the entire founding phase with attentive, competent, and goal-oriented expertise in individual consultation.

AVGS Deutschland

Online & Nationwide in Germany

In one-on-one coaching, even at a distance, you work closely with your consultant, for example, via video call. Save on travel and time! The consultation is available via Microsoft Teams, Skype, or phone, as per your preference.

AVGS Ausbildung

Without Training Costs

With the Activation and Placement Voucher (AVGS), 100% of the coaching costs are covered by the Employment Agency or Job Center and are directly billed between the provider and the authority.

Roul Radeke

Your Startup Success Coach is waiting for you

The consultation is non-binding & 100% free

AVGS Startup Coaching explained: General information about the AVGS

Certified and supported. The kickstart for your business startup! Benefit from your AVGS coaching, funded by the Employment Agency or the Job Center.

Under certain conditions, the Employment Agency or Job Center will cover 100% of your training costs upon request. This allows you to fully concentrate on your professional future planning. The financing is secure for you! Take the opportunity to find out in a personal one-on-one coaching how well thought out your business idea is, what you need to do to achieve your startup goal, and what needs to be fulfilled to make your startup successful in the long term.

What does "AVGS" actually mean?

AVGS is an abbreviation for "Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein," which translates to Activation and Placement Voucher. The voucher is issued by the Employment Agency or Job Center. With the voucher, you can receive free services from certified providers, such as, to facilitate your integration into self-employment.

Do I qualify for the voucher?

Anyone receiving ALG I (Unemployment Benefit I) and has been registered as unemployed for at least six weeks is eligible. According to § 45 SGB III, eligibility may also be granted at the discretion of the authorities in cases of ALG II (Unemployment Benefit II) recipients, as long as no benefits are received, in cases of impending unemployment, and in other exceptional situations.

What are the costs involved?

If your application is approved, there are no costs for you. The billing is done between the service provider (Träger der Maßnahme) and the authority, either the Employment Agency or the Job Center.

How do I apply for the voucher?

The AVGS can be applied for informally at the Employment Agency or the Job Center. Feel free to reach out to us as well. We can assist you with the application process.

How long does the coaching last?

The coaching is time-limited. At, you can receive up to 110 coaching units, each lasting 45 minutes, distributed over a maximum of 3 months.

Egal ob in Berlin, Stuttgart, Hamburg oder einer anderen Stadt: An unserem AVGS Gründercoaching können Sie deutschlandweit teilnehmen. Denn das Coaching erfolgt online, wodurch es nicht von Bedeutung ist, wo Sie Ihren Wohn- oder Firmensitz haben.

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